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WurliTzer Reform-Boehm Clarinets
B-flat or A (Soprano) Model No.188
E-flat (Sopranino) Model No.188
B-flat or A Model No.187
Set of B-flat and A (Soprano) Model No.185"Artist" 
Basset Horn in F Model No.199
Bass Clarinet Model No.195

WurliTzer German-System Clarinets
B-flat (Soprano) Model No.90
E-flat (Sopranino) Model No.120
Set of B-flat and A (Soprano) Model No.100c
Basset Clarinet "Mozart-Clarinet" in A
Basset Horn in F Model No.181 with high e and f improvement
Bass Clarinet Model No.176

Since 1659 the WurliTzer family has been engaged in musical instrument making.


WurliTzer Mouthpieces
 Please specify Reform-Bochm or German-System in Short (K3 or K4), Medium (M3 or M4) or new "C", D, B Style facings.
Sopranino and Soprano
Basset Horn 
Bass Clarinet

WurliTzer Cases
No. 21 formcase for 1 clarinet
No. 22a case for 1 clarinet
No. 22b casc for 1 clarinet leather
No. 25 case for 2 clarinets leather 
No. 24 formcase for 2 clarinets leather 
 case for barrels or mouthpieces alvailable for 2, 4. 5. 6 etc.

WurliTzer Covers
No.21 canvas brown
No. 22a skai black
No. 22b skai black
No. 25 skai black
No. 24 canvas brown
 For further information High-g Supranino, C Soprano, Student Model (B-flat and A), E-flat Alto and special order clarinets in both Reform-Boehm and german-System please contact us.

WurliTzer Clarinets
are played in all Germam and in many intermational Symphony-,Opera- and Radio-Orchestras.

WurliTzer German-System Clarinets

Model No.100c "Solist" are played by:
Larry Combs  - Principal Clarinet Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Gregory Smith  - Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Prof. Karl Leister  - Principal Solo Clarinet (retired) Berlin Philharmonic, Hochsch. Berlin
Prof. Karl-Heinz Steffens  - Symphony Orchester d. BR Munic
Prof. Gerd Starke  - Hochschule fuer Musik. Muenchen
Prof. Sabine Meyer  - German Solist
Willem v. d. Vuurst  - Principal Solo Clarinet Royal Amsterdam Concertgebouworkest
Michele Zukovsk  - Principal Clar. Los Angeles Philh.

WurliTzer Reform-Boehm Clarinets
Lorin Levee  - Principal Clar. Los Angeles Philh.
Stephen Bates  - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and E-flat Clarinet 
   Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra, Washington, DC
Frans de Jong  - Principal Solo Clarinet Radio Philharmonic Orchest Hilversum
George Pieterson  - Principal Solo Clarinet Royal Amsterdam Concertgebouworkest 
Pierre Woudenberg   - Principal Solo Clarinet Radio Philharmonic OrchestHilversum
Charles Stier  - American Solist


 The WURLITZER -Reform-Boehm Clarinet is the ultimate combination of the beautiful, powerful sound of the German bore with the fast French fingering system that has been modernized to include even more altemate fingering/pitch options.

 Complete mechanism of 20 keys and 7 rings; automatic b-ftat mechanism (2 independently operating keys for register and throat-tone b-flat); 5 fork b-flat's available in the 2nd register; 2nd register fork g# mechanism; 2nd register f#-g# trill: 2nd register g#-a trill; left-hand e-flat key; right-hand rollers on the c and e-fiat keys; silver-plated key's.

 We recommend Vandoren German Cut "White Master" Reeds and WURLITZER C4. K4. D4 etc. Reform-Boehm Mouthpieces with German string "Schnur" or 2-screw silver-plated ligatures.

 WURLITZER Clarinets are pitched to play from A-440 (Long Barrel)to A-442 (regular Barrel) to A-444 (Short Barrel). There is no problem with either pitch or projection playing any WURLiTZER Clarinet in America or Europe either as soloist, orchestra member or chamber musician.

 It is interesting to note that the Reform-Boehm Clarinets was inventedover 50 years ago by Fritz WURLITZER, the late Herbert WURLITZER's father. It is often a contract requirement of most German orchestras that the clarinetists must play a German-System (formerly called Oehler-System) WURLITZER.

 Prices include 2 barrels and 1 mouthpiece per instrument. Delivery date is subject to change. WURLITZER guarantees the keywork, does not guarantee damage to the wood, will consider justified complaints within 8 days and reserves the right to make design modifications. Instruments made to special order will not be taken back. A signed ordering agreement with nonrefundable deposit is required.